We ship to Canada, Mexico, and more than 30 other international countries through First-Class International Shipping provided by USPS. There is no guarantee that you can track your package internationally, so we do not insure these orders and instead make this method to ship an FOB Shipping contract (meaning we are only liable for our shipments until the package has been accepted by the Postal Service, after that all liability falls on the customer/purchaser and so does tracking and claiming missing packages etc).We do want to mention that we usually have all packages delivered. If your order is shipped using our priority method tracking will be provided to Canada/Mexico. Our insured method will be shipped by Priority International Mailing and will be tracked.


For all other international countries outside of continental North America, we also offer Priority International Shipping. This is because international orders must show a delivery confirmation to confirm delivery. This is a required feature that our payment providers require we fulfill. If you have any questions please email us


We ship all of our international packages with a value below the customs charge amount, as well as sending all international packages as gifts. This means no international customers should be charged a customs tax/fee when they receive their package. If however they do receive a customs tax/fee, this charge will be paid by the customer in entirety, as we have done everything we can to make this item free for you to receive.



       Shipping within the USA:

1 item costs $10

2 items cost $12

3 items cost $13

4 items or more cost $14

Free us shipping on orders over $99

Shipping to Canada/Mexico:

1 item costs $22

2 items cost $26

3 items cost $35

4 items or more cost $40

$10 Shipping to Canada/Mexico on orders over $100
Free shipping to Canada/Mexico on orders over $200

International First-Class Shipping:

1 item costs $30

2 items cost $35

3 items cost $40

4 items cost $50

Free international shipping on orders over $250

International Priority Shipping:

1 item costs $45

2 items cost $50

3 items cost $55

4 items or more cost $65


Shipping within the USA takes 2-6 business days after package has been shipped.

Shipping internationally through First-Class International Shipping takes 2-3 weeks from the day it was shipped. Through the Priority International Shipping method your package will take 6-10 business days. NOTE that it might take up to 5 business days extra depending on the time it takes to clear Customs.



Handling time for shipments will generally be 1-2 business days from purchase.



Unfallen prides itself on the accuracy and turn around time of our products. All sales are final, however returns will be honored up to 7 days from when the product was received. Upon return, store credit will be issued, of which shipping costs are not applicable, and no refunds are accepted. Please make sure that you have carefully reviewed your order prior to finalizing your purchase.

Unfallen is not responsible for destination country tax and/or duty charge if incurred. Buyer will be held accountable for any restrictions, duties, taxes, and any other fees collected from the destination country, prior to ordering. Unfallen will NOT be responsible for any Duties, Taxes, or Customs fees under any circumstances.
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